In Memory

By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Diane Apostol (Deceased 2014)
Bob Bivin (Deceased 2011)
Edward "Whitey" Bullock (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Lance Christiansen (Deceased 2008)
Pete Daester (Deceased Year Unknown)
Marta Feldman (Taylor) (Deceased 2013)
Joel Galst (Deceased 1987)
Carol Garrard (Deceased 2018)
Gary Gilbert (Deceased 1973)
Jessee Holloway (Deceased 2017)
Lynda Holtsnider (Deceased Year Unknown)
Tom Jameson (Deceased 2004)
Michael Keppleman (Deceased 2015)
Terry Kuntzman (Deceased 1967)
Kelley Madden (Deceased 2007)  
James "Muddy" Mason (Deceased Year Unknown)
Mary Jo Mills (Mehlum) (Deceased 2017)
Nick Motter (Deceased Year Unknown)
Russell O'Brien (Deceased 2011)
David Porter (Deceased 2011)
Mike Powell (Deceased Year Unknown)
Mary Margaret Sanchez (Mansfield) (Deceased 2010)
Francey Simson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Jon Sorenson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Trent Stump (Deceased Year Unknown)
Jacque Swoboda (Deceased 2001)
Leslie Thomas (Deceased 2005)
David Treat (Deceased 2011)
Thomas Zeisberger (Deceased 2006)

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